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Discover Some of the Top Mid-Range Headphones Available Today

Thanks to modern technology, you can listen to your music collection wherever you go. Smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, laptops and other devices have the capability to store your favorite music for your listening pleasure. To fully enjoy this experience, you need to use audio headphones that can deliver crisp sound. There are currently very many brands of headphones to choose from. These are available in distinct designs and colors. As such, you can definitely find a pair that features your favorite color. Some are luxurious and cost well above $300 and others are great yet practical and cost lower than that. Here is a collection of the best mid-range headphones that cost $300 and lower.

The Sennheiser HD 201

These headphones offer sound clarity and good build quality for the very low price of $24.64. The Sennheiser HD 201 is a set of full size headphones that fit over the ear. The cups are designed such that they have a closed back. This promotes noise cancellation in the headphones. They have a frequency rating of 18,000Hz and come with a cable that is 3 meters long. These headphones have sound quality that is impeccably balanced and quite detailed. The frame is light and the leather on the cups is soft. For their price, the Sennheiser HD 201 is a great mid-range pair of headphones for you.

Discover Some of the Top Mid-Range Headphones Available Today

The AKG Y50

Designed as on-ear headphones, this is a model that gives you luxury sound quality at an affordable price of $72.49. The AKG Y50 headphones are stylish, built of durable materials and produce deep, crisp sound. These headphones are made in almost all colors. As such, you are bound to find a pair in your favorite color. They feature extra deep bass to make your music experience more fun and the cups rest comfortably on your ears. The AKG Y50 headphones have an in-line remote controller too. For good sound quality, fun colors and reliable design, these are an ideal model to buy.

AKG Y50 review

Discover Some of the Top Mid-Range Headphones Available Today

The Beats Solo 2

Taking over from the very successful Beats Solo HD model, this model delivers on the promise of better engineering and design at the affordable price of $246.49. The sound quality has improved and the design of the cups ensures that they have very good active sound isolation. The headphones have very good grip when you wear them. This means that they are great for exercise. User comfort is one of the goals of the Beats brand. Thus, the Beats Solo 2 headphones have a removable cable and the cups are lined with protein leather. This gives them a soft, pliable surface to rest around your ears. The frame is made of hardened plastic and features a fold-up design. As a result, you can store them easily in your bag. This model is definitely an improvement on its predecessor and a great choice of mid-range headphones.

Discover Some of the Top Mid-Range Headphones Available Today


These mid-range headphones are easy on your pocket since they all cost lower than $300. Despite the low price tag, you can experience some high quality sound from each model. The materials used to construct them and the build quality contribute to your overall musical satisfaction.

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